Organic Bamboo

A natural alternative to cotton, Organic Bamboo is a silky smooth fabric that we feature in our collection. Its extensive Comfort, Breathability, and Opulence will change the way you think about fashion.

Silky smooth



what is Bamboo?

Bamboo fabric is made from pulverized bamboo shoots and is known for its soft and breathable nature.

Properties of organic bamboo

  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Soft and silky against the skin
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-absorbant
  • Durable
  • How sustainable is organic bamboo?

    Bamboo is not a certified organic product, however, it is highly sustainable and gentle on the planet and communities. Bamboo grows naturally without any pesticides or chemicals and requires far less water than other fabric crops such as non-organic cotton. Bamboo plants essentially take care of themselves! They do not require replanting as they self-replenlish, eliminating the need to harvest and use even more resources.

    Chemical Control

    From Renewable Resource

    FSC Certified

    Low Energy Need

    Low Water Need

    No GMO