Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is crafted with Naturally Cultivated Cotton without the use of any Synthetic Agricultural Chemicals. Get ready to vibe with our Earth-friendly fabrics.




What is Organic Cotton?

While you may think of cotton as a gentle, soft fabric with a reasonably innocent environmental profile, it’s not the case. Non-organic cotton takes up a lot of agricultural space that would otherwise be used to grow food for communities. Plus, non-organic cotton plants require huge amounts of water, energy, and worst of all, harmful chemicals.

Properties of organic cotton

  • Incredibly soft against the skin
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • How sustainable is organic cotton?

    Organic cotton is produced using methods that nourish and replenish soil, nurture agricultural communities, and use fewer resources. In order to be certified organic, suppliers undergo stringent auditing and testing.

    Chemical Control

    From Renewable Resource

    Low Energy Need

    Low Water Need

    No GMO

    No Soil Emission