About us

We are a 365 sustainable clothing brand, purposed to bring confidence to your daily lives, with statement premium styles inspired by all-time favorites and a deep connection with nature, using only sustainable materials.

Our vision is to be an earth-positive, regenerative fashion brand that gives back to the planet. We are here to prove that fashion can be a force for good.
We believe every small act can make a positive impact, and we want to put them all together and transform them into a massive impact.

We are Massive Impacts, and we are the designers of change.


Our mission is to create opportunities where we can make smart choices that drive the industry toward a safer, healthier, and more nurturing place. Through the focus on a sustainable, ethical, and giving mindset we aim to create a better world.

Our work will lay the groundwork on which future generations can thrive by making great fashion choices that help, heals, and nourishes the Earth and our communities.

Massive Impacts is the uncompromising change in fashion aesthetics and seeks to offer premium product lines.


We use only sustainable materials, from organic cotton to recycled nylon, our materials are some of the most earth-friendly in the industry and stamped by world-renowned certifications.

And this is just the start. We’re working on more material innovations, impact initiatives, and expanding our product range.

Ethical Manufacturing
We work only with local manufacturers and suppliers that are conscious of their environmental impact, and that guarantee a safe and respectful environment for their employees.

We believe that building an Earth Positive future also means giving back to the communities around us. Philanthropy has been part of our approach since day 1 – we donate 7% of the selling price of each garment to provide safe and clean water to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

By wearing our collection, you are taking a step toward a better future. 


We want the best for you, and we want the best for our planet.

That’s why we accurately select the materials we use to craft our products, basing our choices on the single product’s characteristics, fabric’s properties, and environmental impact.
The more sustainable the material is, the more stringent the certification process must be, it’s the only way to be sure that an organic or recycled fabric is really what it claims to be.

Our products

We believe that form and function are one; that they cannot exist without one another. We strive for functional, integrated products that find the perfect harmony of comfort, performance, and design, maximizing form and function in every garment.

At Massive Impacts, we fight against fashion overconsumption and promise to create perfection for every product - to allow our clients to reduce their needs.

Quality over quantity.